If you were a house what would you be?

I would be small, old wooden house flying around mountains to watch sunsets and sunrises, followed by my favourite animals – ravens and wolves. I’m fascinated by how they build their relations in the wild, and how smart they are, do U know that crows communicate with wolves and tell them about dangers?

My home would be surrounded by clouds – they catch light reflections and create mood during different times of a day. I’m usually dissapointed seeing clear sky with heating sun. So my house would be happy being acompanied by cloudy forms.

Creating informational mess 


What would you do if we were not in the lockdown?

Easter – happy feast for some, time to escape for others.

Story about some nomand families, sometimes I let myself be captivatd by idyllic side of this kind of living. And then I realize that their lives aren’t completely free either.

EP cover for my friends.

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