Gwent Cardbacks set

Gwent cardbacks set I’ve designed for CDProjektRed

Geralt’s Journey

Gwent Cardbacks

The last one was also used for t-shirt design, you can buy it in CDPR store.



Wild Hunt Pursuit

This one obviously was heavily inspired by polish master of art – Władysław Podkowiński and his work „Frenzy of Exultations (Szał uniesień), that fit so well to the story

Wild Hunt Pursuit

The Possession Fire

Posession fire

The Last Farewell

Last Farewell

The Escape Portal

Escape Portal

Alzur’s Journey

Sphinks Altar

Sphinks altar, illustration

Double Cross Spell

Gwent Witcher Card Game

Genetic Modifications

Gwent Witcher Card Game

Yennefer’s Journey

Gwent Journey Yennefer

Yen and Geralt trying to find Ciri usng stolen Uroboros mask. This one refers to previous illustration I’ve doe for Ciri Journey. Hope you guys like such details 🙂

Gwent Journey Yennefer


This about substance abuse, addiction and suicide attempt. A story about a girls that was born disablet, got rejected by her family and everyone due to this disability, and despite beautification she always kept these emotional scars inside her.


Shard of Ice

This one contains symbols connected to Yen and Sapkowski stories. Can you fins which ones?

Shardof ice

Dwarfes vs Vampires

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